An Extraordinary “Guarantee” = More Sales and Conversions…

No matter how hard you work enroll a future customer, there’s one thing that they want, especially in their first dealings with you – and that’s a guarantee that their purchase is safe… that they can avoid REGRET!

Simply put – people want to know that what they are buying will do what it says it will do…that it will be the genuine article and that what you say is TRUE.

No matter how much you believe in your own product or service you simply need to be able to prove it to them.

Besides providing truckloads of Social Proof – one of the best ways to get your new customers to take a leap of faith is to provide them with a convincing guarantee.

So, is your guarantee good enough?

One of the best strategies for creating a loyal customer following is to offer “extraordinary” guarantees.

What makes a guarantee extraordinary?

Well first let’s look at conventional guarantees.

A conventional guarantee is designed to alleviate loss to the customer, in the case of a product or service, within certain limits.

Many businesses offer benign or plain vanilla guarantees such as the “satisfaction guaranteed”.

I’m afraid this just won’t cut it anymore.  If you want to gain the confidence and loyalty of your customers you will need to reverse the risk.

The original ‘Money Back Guarantee’ is now no longer viewed as a benefit, but as a right.

When you take away the risk, by showing them that you are trustworthy, they will soon be back to try something else.

 They will develop confidence in you because feel they can’t lose…and they will be right.  

A strong guarantee creates a total WIN/WIN situation for both yourself and your customer.

What is more important is that by “reversing the risk” for your customers, by being prepared to go out on a limb, you are sending a very strong message that you deliver the service and quality you promise.

If you can’t generously, honestly guarantee it, find something else to sell.

If you can guarantee it (or must) do so boldly and enthusiastically and honour your guarantees without hesitation.

So…I’ll ask you again: “Is Your Guarantee Strong Enough!”

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