About Peter

Smarter Business Profits - Make a Difference
combine marketing, wealth building, and philanthropy to create a life of money and meaning.

Hi, I’m Peter Butler.

Head Honcho of “Smarter Enterprises". I started out helping people connect the dots with their online marketing, get better lead generation systems in place and sort their client conversions and it grew into this huge monster -
•    Smarter Websites
•    Smart Email Marketing
•    Smarter Hosting and
•    Smart Business Websites
•    Smart Agent Websites
•    Smart Mortgage Marketing
•    Smarter Business Profits
We help professionals and businesses market themselves cost effectively and use their website as the tool it was intended to be.

A positioning tool and qualification instrument to elevate themselves above the competition so they can charge and work at premium rates and also
•    To get fresh leads and new clients easily.
•    To communicate easily with their existing clients to keep them coming back.
And above all else - to do this cost effectively with precise measurable results!

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