Build Long Term Connections

In today’s crowded marketplace it is more important than ever to focus your attention on building long-term connections with your customers and clients.

While making quick sales is always a nice boost to your bank account the key to long-term success is repeat business.

Repeat business equals stability and the key to getting repeat business is to establish a lasting connection with your customers, when it comes to keeping your customers coming back for more.

It is important to remember that people buy from people – not from companies.

So make sure you let them know that there are real people behind the curtain, or your website.

You can do this by creating an “About Us” page and providing them with the story behind your company, include your mission statement, some appropriate business related photos and your Testimonials and social proof.

While there are many other ways that you can build trust with your online visitors, if you take the time to focus on making a good first impression, establishing long-term connections and providing social proof you will be sure that you’re building trust and laying a solid foundation for your business to grow on.

That’s why it is so important to build relationships with them.

To build credibility you must build trust and fame with your “ideal community”

These days it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to collect email addresses from your website visitors.

People are more skeptical and less willing to share their personal information as they were a few years ago.

This is mostly because they are afraid they are going to be bombarded with emails.

To overcome this fear you have to prove to them that you are worthy of their trust!



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