Mapping Out Your Customers Journey With You

Let’s talk about your funnel!

We all know that lead generation funnels are one of the most important tools you can create for your business…but, the question we get asked so often is how do I go about getting set up?  What are the steps?

The best starting place is to map out where your potential customers first come into contact with your brand?

Is it via a Social media post? Your website? A video? A blog post? At a Networking Meetup, or all of the above?

Step 1 is to start mapping out your customers journey?

One customer might see you on Facebook, visit your website or call into your store.

Another might see an ad and read a blog post.

Don’t worry, this is normal.

Start by mapping out all the points of contact you have with your customers, then you can start to figure out where lead generation fits into the system you are creating.

Step 2 is to work out what lead magnet (your high value give-away) you are going to exchange for your visitor’s email address.  Look for something that is of greater value.

Once you create a high value exchange for your visitor’s email address, you can then start to map out your customers journey into and through your nurture funnel.

Use Step 1 and 2 to map out your customers journey with you. 

Take a look at your website.

Are there opportunities for visitors to take the next steps with you?

If you have blog posts, are there opportunities within and around the posts for readers to take the next steps with you?

Look at your Twitter account or Facebook page. Do you have pinned posts that guide people into your funnel?

When someone phones you, do you capture their details?

Can you see how your funnel begins anywhere people come into contact with your business?

You should make sure that wherever your potential client meets you, there is a clear path to convert them into a lead.

Make sure you are enabling them to enter your lead generation or nurture funnel.

In this way, you enable your customers to decide when they want to take the next step with you.

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