Is Your Customer Service ‘Extraordinary’

By Pauline Fox | February 5, 2018

Recently I had a ‘very poor customer experience’ with a property settlement agent that had been recommended to me by the real estate agent. I experienced first hand, what dealing with a mediocre business feels like, and why it is so important to build your extraordinary business.   Here is how they bombed on my […]

21 Days to Metamorphosis

By Pauline Fox | December 14, 2017

Do you remember any of your 2017 New Year’s Resolution? If succeeding with them is based on ‘will power’, chances are you have already failed. Truth is, hardly anyone can alter habits through ‘will power’ alone. The conflict between what you are and what you aspire to be is inside your Self-image. Consequently if ‘will […]

Good Old-Fashioned Networking and Questions to Ask Interesting People…

By Pauline Fox | October 9, 2017

Recently I’ve been talking a lot about getting back to the foundations of what makes business GREAT and FUN With all the online NOISE it’s easy to forget that good old-fashioned networking can make a huge impact on your business especially when you understand that your network makes a HUGE  impact on your net -worth… […]

Mapping Out Your Customers Journey With You

By Pauline Fox | September 11, 2017

Let’s talk about your funnel! We all know that lead generation funnels are one of the most important tools you can create for your business…but, the question we get asked so often is how do I go about getting set up?  What are the steps? The best starting place is to map out where your […]

An Extraordinary “Guarantee” = More Sales and Conversions…

By Pauline Fox | July 10, 2017

No matter how hard you work enroll a future customer, there’s one thing that they want, especially in their first dealings with you – and that’s a guarantee that their purchase is safe… that they can avoid REGRET! Simply put – people want to know that what they are buying will do what it says […]

Build Long Term Connections

By Pauline Fox | June 14, 2017

In today’s crowded marketplace it is more important than ever to focus your attention on building long-term connections with your customers and clients. While making quick sales is always a nice boost to your bank account the key to long-term success is repeat business. Repeat business equals stability and the key to getting repeat business […]

The Two Most Commonly Confused Terms: Branding & Marketing

By Pauline Fox | May 31, 2017

Many business owners confuse their marketing with their branding.   When  talking about branding they often refer to their logo, or other design elements. That’s understandable because most people are confused about the difference between the two terms and use them interchangeably. Because they are so closely connected it is very easy to become confused about […]

Being Part of a Thriving Community…

By Pauline Fox | April 7, 2017

There is something about being part of a thriving community and the Call to step into leadership, that makes us all stronger together.   Are you fired up about reaching the people who are looking to become part of your community and building your tribe…so we can ALL do more good in the world?   […]

Are You Building Your Tribe?

By Pauline Fox | March 28, 2017

Seth Godin argues that now, for the first time, everyone has an opportunity to start a movement – to bring together a tribe of like-minded people and do amazing things. There are tribes everywhere, all of them hungry for connection, meaning and change. And yet, too many people ignore the opportunity to lead, because they […]

How to Get Your Business Into Momentum…

By Pauline Fox | March 9, 2017

Getting Your Business & Your Life Into Momentum Begins With A State Of Mind.  You will never feel enthusiasm or create the activity that you need when you are doing the wrong things with the wrong people at the wrong time. When you are off track you will feel emptiness, fatigue, depression, frustration and anger. […]

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