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Inner Circle Closed Door Mastermind Mentoring Group.

Taking time out to work on your business is one of the key ingredients to the success of your business.






Planning &

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Smart Tank

Is for you if you want to...

  • 1 Implement business and marketing systems
  • 2 Create automated processes in your business
  • 3 Help to free up your time
  • 4 Scale up your business in the next 12 months
  • 5 Be part of a community of high calibre action driven business owners where each individual brings unique perspectives, resources, skills, and contacts to the group.

Your marketing done fast and effortlessly

We're breaking the code for how marketing is done!

  • Smarter Marketing Strategies no longer reserved for the elite few with HUGE marketing budgets. We've levelled the playing field and made it easy for anyone to set-up lucrative marketing campaigns
  • No more guessing, cold calling and rejection. We show you how to attract loyal customers to your business that matches your product and services automatically.
  • We've created a simplified approach to all your marketing and client communications based on our experience putting together 100's of successful marketing campaigns and coaching 1000’s of clients. Then we show you how to build a community around it. We've put all the levers in place for easily finding the perfect clients and partners, rapidly building trust, and executing strategies for maximum profit.
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We guarantee you will...

  • Leave each session renewed, re-energized and inspired to race back to your business to start implementing
  • Uncover the challenges that may be sabotaging the growth of your business and keeping you working way too many hours
  • Be able to focus on the things that will give you freedom and flexibility and really move the needle in your business
  • Most importantly, each one is committed to actively working towards their own goals—and supporting the other members in achieving theirs

Grow your business

Create a major business breakthrough for 2020!

If you’re looking to grow your business and accelerate your results then we’d like to help you create a MAJOR business BREAKTHROUGH for 2020


In this powerful, action packed Mentoring group – Limited to 15.

Ultimate success program

Joining Smart Tank is a true win/win opportunity

We feel this is the ultimate success programme for Business Owners, where you can draw on the collective wisdom of the entire Smarter Team and closed group Mastermind (Smart Tank) Mentoring who are committed, to helping you take your business to a much higher level of success.

We are big advocates of the power of Mastermind groups. We know that this peer networking can be as powerful for everyone involved as it has been for the huge successes we have experienced in our own business lives.

What we'll cover:

During this program we will assist you to set goals and make improvements in many aspects of your business, with an emphasis on IMPLEMENTING your most successful marketing. Including:






Planning &

Membership portal

Plug in, get busy, get results & clients

As a member you get access to an amazing team of smarter experts, our growing business Community, World-Class Training, and Powerful Coaching and Support.

Join us

You'll be a marketing
expert in no time!

As a Member you get to skip all that frustration rejection, and long hours of hard work.
Because we’ve built a blueprinted marketing system for you.

All you have to do is show up and start implementing the time tested and true strategies for profitable results.

Best of all, you’ll have the chance to hear the stories of real entrepreneurs who have used these strategies to double, triple or even quadruple their incomes.

We want to offer you a short cut…. A life line… To save you… the pain of lost time, lost sleep and lost potential profits…

There are a lot of programs out there to choose from. Let me tell you what this is not.

This is NOT ...

  • a fluff filled program which says a lot and doesn’t offer you much practical content
  • a get rich quick scheme which offers you the world and delivers nothing
  • a program to get you excited but only get you part way to financial freedom

Join us

Here's what you get...

  • Access to the some of the world's best coaches, speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs who are focused on doing one thing: helping you grow your business

  • Monthly members-only training calls with advanced strategies interviews with industry leaders and our top business partners, and LIVE coaching to guide you through the nitty-gritty details of our Smarter Business Profit modules.

  • 10 in depth modules and Master Level Training Program through our online training Portal that teach you exactly how to create a flood of new clients, subscribers and customers into your business, on demand, any time you want.

  • Complete a 10 module course of practical and easy to apply frameworks and processes, with simple quizzes that unlock certification and badges of achievement to display on your site and easily track your progress

  • Learning Track Modules , Our members only Learning Track Modules contain specific and guided content to keep you continually learning and engaged

  • Access Our Extensive Expanding Vault with masses of downloadable templates and resources. Tons of templates to help you enjoy your journey. We love to overpromise… so we pack our resource vault with bonus webinars, guides and resources to help you fast track your results.

  • Monthly members-only training calls with advanced strategies interviews with industry leaders and our top business partners, and LIVE coaching to guide you through the nitty-gritty details of our Smarter Business Profit modules and help you overcome any roadblocks (If you can’t make the calls live, don’t worry – each call will be recorded and posted to our member site for you to access at any time.

  • Private Access to our Exclusive Online Community you’ll become a member of our active private Facebook group where you will find unlimited support from the Smarter team and your fellow members - filled with real-time answers, resources and support.

  • Monthly members-only training calls with advanced strategies interviews with industry leaders and our top business partners, and LIVE coaching to guide you through the nitty-gritty details of our Smarter Business Profit modules.

Unique program

Jam packed with strategies to create:

"A systematic, sustainable marketing system that allows you to achieve maximum productivity, maximum leverage, and will allow you to grow your business to achieve massive results with the least amount of time and effort"

At last, you can access the tools you need to accelerate your business.

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We’d like to invite you to our

Business Acceleration program

Take advantage of a special, ALLNew Online “Business Acceleration online coaching program where we’ll work together to build your blueprinted systems that attract visitors, convert leads and close customers with ease.

Your Personal Place with all the information, ideas, strategies and implementation you need at your fingertips...

  • a comprehensive step by step program where you’ll learn to easily create and implement simple, effective and profitable marketing system
  • the simple systems to have your products and services positioned before the right audience in record time.

Strategically crafted

10 Core modules

The Core modules reveal real, step-by-step profit strategies to apply to your business. They contain all the templates, ideas, avenues and resources, all sequentially laid out for you… All you have to do is follow instructions – commit and take action. We have purposely designed these modules to cater for all learning styles ensuring you gleam maximum benefit from your membership.


Module #1

Your Personal Performance Advantage to understanding the ‘Customer Focused’ Marketing Model


Module #3

How to Create Alignment With Your ‘Perfect Fit’ Community and Build Your Customer Focused Marketing Blueprint


Module #5

Creating A System That Enables Your ‘Perfect Fit Customers To Find You And Stay With You For Life.


Module #7

Building your High Efficiency Lead Generation System


Module #9

Practical Application and Revision – Getting Your Ducks In a Row


Module #2

Leadership – Management – Productivity : Developing the Skills to Grow a Profitable and Sustainable Performance Based Business


Module #4

Your Personal Performance Advantage to understanding the ‘Customer Focused Marketing Model


Module #6

How to Build Trust, Credibility and Loyalty with Your Community


Module #8

Build your Business Funnel and Community Offline to Online


Module #10

Creating Your Marketing Website



I understand that I’m investing in the Smarter Business Profits Acceleration Program with NO RISK, because it comes with Pauline and Peter’s full money back guarantee.

100% Money back guarantee.

We stand solidly behind our program because we know it works.  We are committed to helping you have massive success in your business so you can help a lot more people AND live the lifestyle you deserve.   Because we are 100% commited to YOUR success, we are making your investment COMPLETELY RISK-FREE. (Terms & Conditions)

What's included...

Frequently Asked Questions

In the words of

Napoleon Hill:

‘No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.’

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