3 Simple Questions

Last week I shared three questions with you based around how a customer focused marketer would think.

Today I have another (similar) set of questions that I find simple yet effective.

As an entrepreneur or business owner its sometimes easy to get distracted by what I call ‘bright shiny objects’ especially if you’re creative and have lots of ideas…

And it’s often hard to keep track of all the things that you have tried or want to try.

So here are my favourite questions that if you use regularly will help keep you on track and focused…

Regularly ask yourself these 4 questions:

1. What Am I doing that is working best?
2. What Am I doing that is getting me the most customers?
3. Who are my best clients to work with and what can I do to get more of them?
4. What’s working best with my marketing?

Regularly asking yourself these questions will help you stay clear and focused (and ultimately more successful).

Focusing on what’s working best is a really powerful strategy.

To make sure you don’t overlook this simple yet effective strategy anymore, share with us in the comments below – what’s working best for you in your business?

1 thought on “3 Simple Questions”

  1. 1. Networking and following up with meeting people for coffee – leading to speaking and/or coaching possibilities.
    2. Networking, being active on social media and my blog – eventually once people have built trust and they are ‘ready’, they come to me.
    3. Small business owners, 30-55, all genders, looking to grow their business or overcome some mindset obstacle.
    4. As per answers 1 & 2 above.

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