Are You Wearing Your Marketing Hat?

When you think of the word marketing what comes to mind?… is it a newspaper ad, a t.v. commercial, junk mail?….

Don’t worry most business owners are often confused about what marketing really means especially when in todays media world we are constantly bombarded and blindsided by mass marketing and advertising…

But I really want you to think of it this way….

Marketing is everything you do to bring visitors to your brand.

I like to think of it like this:

We market to ATTRACT visitors

We want to CONVERT these visitors into customers

Then we want to RETAIN them as customers

Then we want to GROW them into loyal followers and promotors of our business, our products and our services.

So what is MARKETING?

Well its everything you do to promote your brand and to profile your business.

Ultimately it’s what brings customers to your door because without your customers you don’t have a business.

So when we ask people “What business are you in”?  They usually answer with their core business.

The response we usually get is “I’m a hairdresser” or I own a website design business or I own a day spa…

To be successful and stay ahead of your competition you really need to embrace that you are in the people and MARKETING business as well.

The right marketing strategy is SO important to every business. You can excel at your core business but unless you market your business well, how can you expect your customers to know about you?

Take the time now to write down all the things you are currently doing to ATTRACT, CONVERT, RETAIN and GROW your customers.

We’d love your to SHARE your ideas with a random brain dump down below…

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