Is Your Customer Service ‘Extraordinary’

Recently I had a ‘very poor customer experience’ with a property settlement agent that had been recommended to me by the real estate agent.

I experienced first hand, what dealing with a mediocre business feels like, and why it is so important to build your extraordinary business.


Here is how they bombed on my customer service assessment:

  1. They NEVER contacted me – I always had to contact them
  2. They rarely returned my phone call
  3. They sent me paperwork in the mail with no covering letter and no follow up
  4. When I drove 40 mins to their office to sign the paperwork because I had a deadline (umm that would be the settlement date for my property) they said:

“We just stick the file in the cabinet and pull it out the day before settlement day!”

  1. They didn’t respond to any requests from the buyer and they didn’t follow up on compliance from a building report.
  2. They banked the cheque on settlement day with no early clearances which meant because of public holidays my funds took 8 days to clear. Meaning the buyers were in my property a week prior to me receiving the funds.


So here’s my take on things…

This company has a habit of treating customers with a ‘flakey’ relationship experience.

Once they have the customer, they don’t want to deal with what it takes to manage that relationship.

Relationships take work.

Every company today must work hard to earn business.

The only thing that will get you repeat business is a positive customer experience.

Anything other than that and,  there are a lot of companies out there just like you (or on their way) waiting to take your customers from you.

Customer experience is the only way to differentiate.

Don’t let poor customer experiences bring your brand down.

Don’t let this be you!

There are things all customers need from you to give you their loyalty and repeat business:

  • Exceptional value,
  • Make it easy,
  • A positive memory,
  • Your gratitude.

Treat your customers and clients like gold because they are where the cash comes from!

In my next post… I will share the “Ripple Effect” and the real cost of a poor customer experience!

We’d love you to share your experiences with us….

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  1. If you are ever looking for a settlement agent, I highly recommend MP Settlements in Mt Hawthorn. Maria and her team are excellent and would tick every one of your boxes 🙂

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