21 Days to Metamorphosis

Do you remember any of your 2017 New Year’s Resolution?

If succeeding with them is based on ‘will power’, chances are you have already failed.

Truth is, hardly anyone can alter habits through ‘will power’ alone.

The conflict between what you are and what you aspire to be is inside your Self-image. Consequently if ‘will power’ is exerted without the process of Re-programming, you inevitably suffer the ‘snap back effect’.

For most people with resolutions ‘snap back’ occurs within 48 hours.

That is why New Year’s Resolutions have become such a joke.

Most pundits maintain you can CHANGE ANY BAD HABIT IN 21 DAYS, even cement good habits in just 21 days.

So, if it is your habit to make for your favourite TV chair after dinner, instead spend an hour on reading marketing books, personal development books, and any books – books about money, personal finance, investing, and real estate. Do that for just 21 days and you will morph into a smarter, better equipped more ambitious person.

If for example you discipline yourself to eat just salad for lunch instead of a hot dog, chips and coke, then walk at night for half an hour around your block after dinner, in 21 days you will morph into a healthier, fitter person who takes more pride in their appearance.

But only ever attempt to break one bad habit at a time using this type of behavioural re-programming.

So choose which bad habit you wish to break in the next 21 days carefully.

In a full year using 21 day cycles, you can break or improve on 17 bad habits. Imagine if you applied that to your business.

Imagine what that would do to your business.

Let’s make the jump on 2018!

Go Accelerate!


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