We’re Reaching The 21 Day Mark!

We are reaching the 21 day mark for 2017…

Experts say it takes 21 days to form a habit… so how are you all tracking towards your new year resolution goals?

Sadly this is the time when most people completely abandon the goals they made on New Years Day.

I am not a great advocate for New Years Resolutions but I am a total believer in setting goals and having an action plan in place to achieve them.

We are determined to support you this year to achieve your goals… so we’ll be giving you everything we’ve got and then some more to help you make this year your bumper year.

We want you to work smarter… get your mojo back and really crank it up…that’s why we’ve put in place our ‘Smart Tank’ masterminds… to arm our teams with all the resources, strategies and systems to have major breakthroughs this year.

Our first goal for 2017 is to run our first ‘Smart Tank’ which we are starting tomorrow… we believe so much in the power of masterminds, like Napoleon Hill said : ‘No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind”.

We believe that our success will be deeply connected to the success of the team we gather around us this year and we are looking forward to connecting with our mastermind group tomorrow to ensure we can turn our goals into reality.


We’d love to hear what you are doing to stay on track with your goals.


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